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Liquor and Dessert

  1. nevver:

    Gun Country, Michael Murphy



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    Wear glasses? Want to make out?



  6. I have a new found respect for people who design responsive websites. Fuck it’s hard! 


  7. dawnawakened:

    iPhone can’t bend in your pocket if you never wear pants.


  8. archatlas:

    Paläon Holzer Kobler Architekturen

    "Dating back some 300,000 years, the Schöningen Spears are the oldest completely intact hunting weapons discovered to date. The impressive paläon research and experience centre is located on the major archaeological site where they were discovered, at the edge of an open-cast lignite mine. The building forms a landmark in this undulating landscape, which is mirrored in the structure’s reflective exterior. The interactive archaeological exhibition presents the original finds."


  9. nevver:

    One page at a time, Adam J. Kurtz


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    This one wins

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